Fresh Fish

Red Tilapia is one of freshwater fishes that is easy to adapt with any kind of environment. So that, it is relatively easy to breed. This fish has good nutritional contents for our health, such as: low calorie and fat, high protein, can regulate the thyroid gland, prevent anemia, and many other benefits. As one of aquaponics products, we also provide fresh red tilapia fish for household, catering, or local market needs.

Clown-Knife is one of our favorite local fishes to breed. Its population is reduced recently due to so many poaching in its habitat, because peoples exploit it as raw material for our traditional foods that we call it as Pempek. A part of aquaponics systems, we are breeding this Clown-Knife fish either as pet or consumption purposed. If you want to know more details about our Clown-Knife fish product, just drop an email to us or fill up our contact form.

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